Sharia Core Banking System

Flexible and integrated sharia core banking system for the strong cornerstone for sharia bank business. Build from initial as sharia system, supports wide range of funding and financing products and rules. Proven implementation in various size of banks since 2009.

Enterprise Integration

Banking technology system comprises of many subsystems that must be set to work together for every service provided. Our EI product enables SOA-based integration of heteregenous applications and environments in bank’s environment.Support of de-facto used protocols (like ISO8583, REST-JSON, SOAP) and flexible I/O model options ensure that the demand for short time-to-market can be satisfied.

Payment and e-Banking system

E-banking facility is inevitable for modern banking. In fact, it is the most important service for retail customers.Our payment and e-Banking system provides complete set of solution either for acquiring (ATM, EDC), issuing (debit card management system and perso) and services (interbank transfer, bill payments, virtual account).

System Architecture

Our products are designed to fill-in critical parts of modern banking IT architecture. Modern banking IT architecture emphasis on modularity, flexibility and strong focus of every system component.

System Architecture

Business agility pressure, shorter time-to-market window, customized demand from customers, and and pervasive use of electronic channels have changed the landscape of banking IT architecture. In the past, banking business processes are massively handled inside the core banking system where channels and business support applications are considered merely ‘additional’ to the system.

With the rise of SOA (service-oriented-architecture), the availability cloud services (or at least SaaS – software as a service) widely, and high demand for automated business integration with customer, bank needs to re-arrange its IT architecture into five interdependent components:

  • Core banking system – focuses on transactional product rules, account (all kind of accounts), CIF and transaction
  • Channels – focuses on acquiring, card and service (bill payments, virtual accounts, etc)
  • Business support – focuses on specific product support like consumer financing and community funding
  • Enterprise integration – the backbone for process integration among channels, business support apps and core banking
  • Datawarehouse and reporting – the backbone for data integration among all system components

Business support applications are particularly important because most business rules and process support will be moved there instead of the relatively-fixed core banking system.

3 Views of Banking Service

Product, Channel, Support

iBank Sharia Core Banking System

ibank sharia v2.2 software
iBank Sharia is a robust
yet simple and modular sharia core banking system that fits the nature of sharia banking business particularly in Indonesia.
It comprises three main components: iBank.core (for funding, profit sharing distribution and accounting), (for sharia financing) and iBank.enterprise (for system administration).
iBank Sharia was natively built as sharia system, and that what differentiates it from conventional banking software that is adjusted for the sharia system.
Proven track record in for Sharia banking business in Indonesia
  • BMI (2009-2013): 250 branches 2 million accounts
  • BCAS: +/- 51 branches, 30k accounts
  • BCAS: +/- 51 branches, 30k accounts
  • BMT BUS (Microfinance): 117 branches, 150k accounts
  • BTM Muhammadiyah (Microfinance): 15 branches, … accounts
Easy to Implement
Less than 1 year implementation and migration time for existing customers. Migration assistance tool for easy migration from other software
Modular and integrated
  • Integrated portfolio management between assets and liabilities
  • Support modules (SKN, RTGS, SVS – intercity clearing, APU-PPT fields, DHN integration)
  • Mixing asset, liabilities and general ledger transactions
  • Ready and optimized for three types of transaction:
  • > Teller / counter transaction
  • > Electronic transaction
  • > Batch transaction
Low cost and scalable infrastructure requirement
  • Using open, Intel-based application servers (commodity servers)
  • Using Intel-based or Sun-based database servers
  • Proven to reduce hardware budget up to 90%
  • GUI and integrated user interface
  • Horizontal scalability (just add more servers to improve service scale)
  • Thin bandwidth requirement (19k is OK)
Asset products
  • Murabahah + variations
  • Istishna’
  • Mudharabah
  • Musyarakah
  • MMQ
  • IMBT
  • Qardh
  • Kafalah
  • Join financing
  • Revolving musyarakah
Funding products
  • Wadiah saving
  • Mudharabah saving
  • Mudharabah time deposit
  • On call deposit
  • Current account
  • Profit sharing tiering
  • Virtual account
Additional features
  • Integrated with SKN-BI, RTGS gen 2, AML, DHN
  • Signature/image database with native storage
  • Better profit distribution method, supports multiple pool of funds and cross-currency-funding
  • Express batch upload for certain critical processes
  • Express end of day process (all using SQLs)
  • Internal proofing tool for financing and funding data integrity checking
  • Flexible General Ledger
  • KYC / WIC / DHN support
  • Financing module: detailed collateral + appraisal data, reserve (PPAP) management, detailed ledger control, automated collectibility management

isLink Payment System and Enterprise Integration

isConnect Enterprise Bus
isLink Payment System
isLink Product Lines
isConnect Enterprise Bus
isConnect is platform integration software that connects various components in banking system such as core banking system, card management, CRM, Loan Originating Systems, and others. isConnect enables functional integration among bank software systems to work seamlessly as a single service to customer / business
WSConnect: exposes existing / legacy application (such as core banking system) as web services. Web services can be easily invoked from modern development tools . WSConnect can also be used to bridge several software libraries that were created in different development tools. In addition to web service protocol, the service can also be encapsulated as ISO8583 or JSON, either as server or as client.
SingleSwitch: arranges a service / business flow containing invocation to different software components. For example a payment process from ATM shall include invocation to the Card Management System (to verify the card and PIN), invocation to core banking system (to validate and deduct the balance) and invocation to the payment provider.
isLink Payment System
isLink is a compherensive product that provides electronic banking and payment system for the bank. isLink comprises of five major components:
  • Transaction acquisition systems: manages terminal hardware (like ATM and EDC), internet/mobile acquisition transaction acquisition or other transaction feeder (like switching network ATMs)
  • Identity management systems: creates / personalize payment authentication instrument (like magnetic stripe cards or chip cards) and provide authorization service during transaction
  • Account and payment services: manages internal accounts or external services involved during transaction
  • Central switch / enterprise bus: integrates complete transaction process requested by transaction acquisition systems into appropriate identity management service and one or more account/payment service(s)
  • Operation support system: automatic reconciliation, ticketing system

isLink Product Lines

We provides complete set of solution either for acquiring (ATM, EDC), issuing (debit card management system and perso) and services (interbank transfer, bill payments, virtual account).

Fund transfer interface
  • ATM Bersama Fund Transfer Interface
  • Prima Fund Transfer Interface
Biller interface
  • Biller adapter to various biller provider / aggregator
  • Biller router for internal biller aggregation to simplify front-end development
Acquiring solutions
  • NDC and DDC ATM (supports NSICCS standard)
  • EDC host
  • Pax EDC terminal (supports NSICCS)
  • ATM Bersama network ATM
  • Prima network ATM
  • Prima network EDC
  • Teller payment
  • Cash Management System
Card Solution
  • Debit card production (chip + magstripe)
  • PIN management
  • Chip authentication
  • Support for Thales HSM and Safenet HSM
Core Interface
Core banking interfacing (support AS/400 host integration)
Virtual Account
  • Virtual account interface for both credit an debit operation
  • Online eMoney host
  • VA router for VA aggregation to simplify front-end development

customers and references

Explore customer reviews and case studies from some of the 50++ satisfied Ihsan Solusi clients who are transforming their businesses with Ihsan Solusi software and services.

Instant card issuing system + host to host

Bank Muamalat Indonesia, 2009

Mobile banking + call center integration

Bank Muamalat Indonesia, 2009

Integration with national ATM acquiring network – issuing side

Panin Bank Syariah, 2012

DDC ATM terminal host

Upay Malaysia, 2011

NDC ATM terminal host

Panin Bank Syariah, 2013

Integration with national ATM acquiring network – acquiring side

Panin Bank Syariah, 2013

Integration with PRIMA and BCA ATM network

BCA Syariah, 2014

Card Management System + Teller Pinpad integration

PT POS Indonesia, 2013

Integration with ALTO ATM network

PT POS Indonesia, 2013

NSICCS (National Standard for Indonesia Chip Card Specification) training and business development


NSICCS prototyping tool for NSICCS migration process


NSICCS Card Personalization System (PT BPR KS, PT Bank Pundi, Tbk, PT Bank Victoria, PT Bank Victoria Syariah, PT Bank Index)


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